Maxxforce 7 Problems Inspect the AP and harness side connectors for signs of damaged, bent, spread, corroded or …. 0000002441 PayStar Series with MaxxForce 11/13, 15L, N13 or ISX15 Engines (Supersedes S08352) 0000002529 TerraStar Built 2010 and After. Considering looking at a 2009 International 7400 with the Maxxforce engine. Original Equipment Assembled Engines & Components for Diesel. Trying to sort through this mess I have a 2013 international 7400 with a …. an anyone tell me what to look for as problem? just did an egr cooler change haven’t test drove it yet but. With almost 25,000 miles on it now the regen problem seems to have been fixed with the last computer update. The Maxxforce 7 has primary and secondary fuel filters that do not have to be changed until any one of these intervals is reached: 48,280 km (30,000 miles), 12 …. The V8 VT365 gave me fits with turbo and injector issues. MAXXFORCE 7: NAVISTAR: 2007 - 2016: INTERNATIONAL: MAXXFORCE 9: NAVISTAR: 2007 - 2016: INTERNATIONAL: MAXXFORCE 10: NAVISTAR: 2007 - 2016: INTERNATIONAL: …. The MaxxForce 7 will be rear-mounted on Tiffin's own PowerGlide® chassis. The verdict in the Milan case is the latest chapter in Navistar’s continued headache over its MaxxForce engine line, which it discontinued without fanfare in recent years. After 4 years and 47000 miles with a VT365, predecessor to the MaxxForce 7, I made a command decision to stay away from V8 diesel engines in my new coach. So far we haven't seen too many serious problems. so depends on you what you want and need. 08 maxxforce 9 / hard start. the number 3 & 4 injectors and injectoer harness have been previously replaced and the problem. Aspiration: Dual turbocharger and charge air cooled (CAC) Fuel System: Direct Injection. Fuel Injector Seal Kit for DT466 DT570 MaxxForce DT/ 9 / 10 G2. Our 2009 model year buses are "making oil" because of fuel dilution. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor …. When an active HD-OBD fault is set, a permanent fault is also set. There is a FaceBook Breeze Owners Group that I participate in and monitor and by my count, 7 out of 42 owners of the 240hp MaxxForce (2010 EPA) reported engine issues: 5 regarding the DPF (part of the emission control system); and, 2 regarding the high-pressure fuel system. Is MaxxForce 13 a good engine?. The video shows all the damage to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) on one of our MaxxForce 7 International diesel engines. Squeezing as much efficiency as we can from parts that came from the factory. Cooler (HPCAC) in a vehicle equipped with a MaxxForce 11, 13 or N13 engine reference IK1201179 for cleaning and inspection. Maxforce 7 turbo over 45psi check engine. I bought an International Terrastar 2015 with Maxxforce 7 engine. MaxxForce 7 OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL. Posted 3/26/2017 11:38 (#5923682 - in reply to #5923587) Subject: RE: Maxxforce 13 engines. Q&A: ETP Sensor MaxxForce Location, VREF Meaning, Max. Runs good and strong but leaves black smoke on hard acceleration. How bad are the smaller Maxxforce engines? What are their problems? If the problems are emissions related, are they reliable if the engine is deleted?. Topic: Navistar Maxforce7 Diesel. com/toolbox/international-dt…ne-low-power-tip/. I recently got a couple of spiral bound books from Longhorn Int. Mishimoto’s Radiator Upper Support Bar helps prevent one of the most common 6. IK1200739 Big Bore EGR Valve Diagnostics Page 1 5. UU, Full repair of your Volvo EDC TRW EMS2, INTERNATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL MAXXFORCE 7-9 SID903, …. WARNING!!: ⚠️⚠️⚠️Always use the proper tools and safety equipment to perform this job. 2013 INTERNATIONAL MAXXFORCE M13 NO EXHAUST BACK PRESSURE…. Q&A: 2010 Durastar MaxxForce DT. 2/3/15 ­ Updated step 1 and updated Author for feedback purposes 3/8/2015 Added …. MAXXFORCE N13 DPF EGR Delete by TeamViewer. We are looking at a 2016 Nexus with a maxxforce engine. We believe that, if we get ourselves as f. Please try checking the condition of the IPR plug. The MaxxForce 7 is a V8 and as you saw in the video has a lot of hardware attached to the basic block with the remote mounted Bendix air compressor included. Most of the issues with the Maxxforce 10 engine could be traced to the turbo air control valve. Rather than rupturing, the EGR cooler survives. She came for help with a long-stand “The problem with verbal abuse is there is no evidence,” Marta shared. The HPOP (high pressure oil pump) supplies the high pressure engine oil to the hydraulic operated …. MaxxForce Engine Fan Troubleshooting Applies To: MaxxForce Engines with on / off Fans Select Country CANADA, UNITED STATES Availability: ISIS, FleetISIS Major System: ENGINES Other Language availability: English, Français, Espaæol Average Rating: Used: 528 Number of Ratings:1 Doc ID: IK1200193 Language: English Revision: …. Thor Owners Club Workhorse Chassis …. air filter is good and all the obvious. Cruise control works and the engine idle up on the front reel works; both of which will increase and decrease my RPM's, but the pedal does nothing. Navistar Maxxforce 7 230HP MAGNUM Smart. AKZO DIESEL provides custom tuning and performance for Volvo, Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes, International Maxxforce & Paccar. Kids in wheel chairs sitting in a cold bus is not a favorable position to be in. HELP, 2013 maxxforce 9 low power/boost Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Kmils09, May 14, 2020. the oil pump bolt holes are clean and clear from obstruction. SPN 3509 FMI 4 - VREF 1 voltage below minimum. DIAGNOSTIC STEPS NOTE Before beginning step based diagnostics, review warranty history and check with the customer for recent repairs relating to the fuel system. My fleet is 98% international, and the 3-4 Maxxforce n9 and n13 motors that are still around are a chore and Half. The engine has lots of power as we tow a Jeep Wrangler unlimited with no problems. 100% installation of new head bolts. Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. I see you also have issues with the EGR valve as well likely causing low power and underboost …. The issues the VT365 had were addressed with the MaxxForce 7, no more series plumbed cooling system, larger headbolts, no more hydraulically actuated injectors, no more engine oil actuated variable …. REFERENCE FAULT CODE DIAGNOSTICS BELOW UNTIL FCAP IS UPDATED. J1939 Data Link Troubleshooting Page 1 17. This is an extremely common cause of engine failures for the Maxxforce 10 and other popular options. But I can't help but notice that there is a $15-20000 price difference(30+%) between the price of ProStars equipped with the MaxxForce engine …. The biggest problem with increasing the Engine HP, is that going this way also increases the Engine Torque out put. I pressurize the coolant system to 15 psi. As a actual owner I can say that the MaxxForce 10 works great and they have no more (or less) issues than any other comparable diesel engine. How to Stop Making Problems for Yourself. 4L Powerstroke Diesel Specs and Performance. The owner replaced it after the original one fell apart. These problems were not limited to big rigs. DT466 was upgraded to HEUI and EGR, subsequently redesignated the DT466E, but otherwise the same engine. If the compressor discharge air is greater than 400f, it will cause the elastomer in the connecting sleeve to "float", and the boost pressure will cause it to slide out from under the constant tension clamp. The engine builds lots of oil pressure while cranking. 3L General Powerstroke Discussion 6. Direct exhaust combustion gases can’t be very clean being unfiltered …. Those who jump in with the " Maxxforce has problems" comments forget to state which engine, the series 13 and larger are the engines with the emission …. Maxxforce 10 Engine Problems Those engines have actually become the engine of choice for Class 6-7 commercial bus and truck applications for . The fuel filters and air filter are exactly where you want to start. -Fuel inlet restriction should not exceed 8. The emission system is the whole problem, and part of the engine. Navistar MaxxForce 7 Engine: janieb: Tiffin Owner's Forum: 31: 10-21-2016 10:50 AM: 2010 Damon Avanti Maxxforce Engine Service: Bluesky787: Workhorse and …. com Trucking ">Another Maxxforce DT problem. I have seen over 9 MPG in the flat lands of Florida. 2014 INTERNATIONAL N13 Engine For Sale. The oil pump has minor corrosion. If engine cranks, problem is due to loss of neutral signal or clutch switch to X3 pin 8 (pin 26 for CEC), refer to S08285, S082852, S082852A, S082853, and S082854 for further troubleshooting. 14, the court of appeals in Jackson, Tenn. it runs from the batteries to a connector by the starter. 2009 INTERNATIONAL MAXXFORCE 11 Engine For Sale. Maxxforce 7 Discussion in 'International Forum' started by dcwjr, Apr 24, 2015. We can solve most International Maxxforce DPF related problems - Custom ECM Diesel Programming, Tuning and Remote Diagnostic Services. The ECM Engine and Chassis connector's data link terminals are connected internally to the module. Maxforce 7 4227 code trying to find info. This TSB is useful for technicians and …. The forward tube is the supply to the cooler, and the rear is the return. I am very familiar with this problem. 4 was the first International engine used in Ford Diesel trucks that featured a Diesel Particulate Filter. For the first time, since the old IDI engine, the fuel system was built on a common rail design rather than the HEUI design (Hydraulic. course will introduce technicians to the performance issues. They had some problems with the turbo which needed repair. The second horsepower and torque configuration has 215 brake horsepower and 516 foot pounds of torque. Unplug it and check the condition of the terminals. Turtle n Peeps on 09/04/17 08:26am. But I still have some that are putting fuel in the oil. It also helps to dictate how long the fresh air will. 2 The radiator and engine are guck'd up with road grime and oil. Step Action Decision 12C Check for Air Management System (AMS) problem. 4L Powerstroke engines are based off of International’s MaxxForce 7 engine that was used in commercial applications. The video shows all the damage to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) on one of our MaxxForce 7 International diesel …. We have 13 maxxForce dt engines 2010 and 2012. Call us for other delivery options 888-967-6653. H Title: 2010 MaxxForce DT/9/10 Aftertreatment Service Applies To: 2010 MaxxForce DT/9/10 Countries: CANADA, UNITED STATESDocument ID:IK1200894 Availability: ISIS Revision: 3 Major System: ENGINES Created: 3/18/2013 Current Language:English Last Modified:8/5/2013 Other Languages:NONE Author: Steve Kueller Viewed: 8117 Less Info …. Plenty of documented problems with this motor. Open Roads Forum > Class A Motorhomes > Navistar MaxxForce 7 diesel engine Search: Advanced Search Search only in Class A Motorhomes. The issues the VT365 had were addressed with the MaxxForce 7, no more series plumbed cooling system, larger headbolts, no more hydraulically actuated injectors, no more engine oil actuated variable turbo vanes, no more design compromises to get it to fit in an E-Series. 8 million in actual damages and $20 million in punitive damages for the problems the carrier experienced with the engines. Read my full write up here https://www. In fact, one of our most popular products is the H-Core equipped MaxxForce 7 EGR cooler for 2008-2010 applications. After the DPF is deleted, fuel economy often improves because this. Every time I bring them my truck they aren't 100% sure what the cause of the problem is, they charge me huge amounts of money and MOST of …. Posted - 03/14/2008 : 09:37:20 AM. R MAXXFORCE DT, 9 and 10 are case grounded Inlet Air Heater elements ECM Relay 97BE1 CMPH 97BE2 CMPL 97DW2 SHD GND 97BE3 CKPH 97BE4 CKPL 97CY1 VREF 97DC1 SIG GND 97CN(+) 1 CANH E-7 E-15 E-33 E-66 Engine 76-pin (Black) ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS 97EFP EFP 97BD EBP 97AY1 MAP …. This International MaxxForce DT is a 2011 diesel engine that needs some rebuilding to get it back to normal. The first step we’re following is more frequent oil changes to flush out all of the contamination that blow through the intake system. You will find info on the various Tiffin forums. 2012 MaXxforce Dt no power no codes hooked up scanner to it and this is what he gets and ideas or tips on what the problem is ?? Truck runs and is hard to start with no power then sometimes u shut it down and restart truck and it runs better for 5-10 miles then back to the same problem thanks for any help. The updated filter has a CS stamped at the end of the part number on the filter. What Are Some MaxxForce 7 Problems?. Thought of one more thing, does it have a viscous fan drive on it or air operated. Check the item description to confirm this fits your vehicle. The engine then runs hot and can simply stall as you are on the road. Close suggestions Search Search. Maxxforce 7 230HP MAGNUM Smart. Note: If the diagnostic process above uncovers. com on 2021-12-09 by guest circular dichroism (SRCD) and linear dichroism (LD) are fully covered. Steps taken would be 2 paragraphs. acquire the Navistar Maxxforce 7 Engine Problems colleague that we manage to pay for here and check out the link. All the Maxxforce series, including the 7, were bad. The International DuraStar was the most …. I don't know why it took so long to get to this point, but I'm looking for some advice on what to do. IK1200704 ­MaxxForce 7 Engine Oil System Flushing Procedure Page 2 of 3. 6 L (466 in3) MaxxForce® 9 and 10 displacement 9. The Navistar International DT466 7. They are competitive engines and have been torn down to show the difference be. The bus limped back to the yard and listening to the engine there was definitely a dead miss. Edited by - RBrian on 09/23/2014 04:36:43 AM. This oil is considered un-metered fuel and can cause elevated combustion temperatures. DESCRIPTION SYMPTOMS SPECIAL TOOL(s) / SOFTWARE. I've torn into the engine and found 2 problems so far. My husband and I are wanting to buy the Allegro Breeze 28 BR. 4L Powerstroke Problems & Fixes">13 Most Common 6. There is also a MaxxForce DT, which is not the same engine, but difficult for the uninformed to identify due to similar liter displacement - 7. ­MaxxForce 7 Fuel Dilution Diagnostics 1 4. The engine oil gets diluted and reduces oil pressure. Misesian, Aug 25, 2019 #8 + Quote Reply. 1171941R4 International® MaxxForce® 7 Engine Operation and Maintenance Manual EGES-345 International® MaxxForce® 7 Service Manual EGES-350–1 International® MaxxForce® 7 Diagnostic Manual EGED-355–1 International® MaxxForce® 7 Diagnostic Form EGED-365 International® MaxxForce® 7 Electronic Control Systems Diagnostic Form. Maxforce 7 turbo over 45psi check engine. Hello, my name is ***** ***** I'm working on a 2010 durastar maxxforce dt, the problem is that engine starts with no problem but once it warmed up it will start to smoke (white unburnt diesel),. The MaxxForce 7 and the Cummins ISB are both medium duty truck diesel engines. 4-Liter Bi-Turbo MaxxForce Engine Options. 2012 F150 Crew Cab Ecoboost stock for now-Totaled March 12 2015. 0000002601 DuraStar, TranStar / TranStar NG, WorkStar, 3200 and RXT Series Built May 17, 2010 and Later (Supersedes S08343) 0000002842 3200, 4100-4400, 7300-7700, 8500 & 8600, RXT Series Built …. For the Maxxforce 7 and 10 engines, this resulted in a high number of particle/soot related problems with the engines, and cost Navistar millions of dollars in repair costs. Navistar MaxxForce 7 Fuel Injector. 3 years and 34000 trouble free miles. GREAT MPG Noiseit is a dieseland I do not sleep with the engine running. After repairs are complete, retest for original problem. 2012 durastar international maxxforce DT. The issues with the PS were allegedly caused by Ford mandated changes to the fuel system that Navistar did not blanket adopt to the MF7. 4L 2007-2014 (International) 2008-2010 (Ford) MaxxForce DT: Inline-6 466 cubic inches (7. Let me start off by saying My 2016 international with a maxxforce dt is a money hole. 2014 International Maxxforce 7 engine. If engine cranks, remove test lead from X3 pin 23 (pin 46 for CEC) and apply battery voltage to X3 pin 8 (pin 26 for CEC). If on the passenger side of the engine remove the Power Steering Pump (2007­2009 MaxxForce 7 ­ Power Steering/Fuel Pump). Starts up and runs for a few seconds up to 10-15 seconds then shuts off. No codes, fuel pressure with mech gauge is 100psi. this is a common and known problem for Maxxforce 7 engines. Do you have a Maxxforce engine with a failed turbo? Not sure which one you need? Then you are on the right video! From Maxxforce 7, Maxxforce DT, Maxxforce. Please register for viewing this price! Description. EVO-Tech is custom-engineered for a large variety of heavy duty trucks. MaxxForce 7 Diesel Engine Low Power. Common Failure / Concern: Our Solution: Head gasket / head bolt issues. The exhaust brake is a definite no from Tiffin. This has happened to a few of the maxxforce 7 diesel engines in our fleet already. the oil pump has been visually inspected and is in good working condition. Not sure of the engine type though. Posted - 07/21/2017 : 06:04:36 AM. Verify conn ector pins are making proper. Luckily it's still under warranty. 2597007c91 Navistar MaxxForce DOC. If Your Fuel Filter Housing Is On BackOrder. The chances of warming up a bus in this scenario is slim to none. DPF filter is a constant issue on Maxxforce engines. Maxxforce DPF delete tuning will cancel the entire regen system & You will be able to straight pipe Your exhaust. Posted - 10/31/2011 : 4:28:08 PM. •Using ServiceMaxx with the KOEO monitor the FRP sensor reading. Personally I would rather have a 2007 or older DT. Hopefully this helps the next person looking to do a …. International MaxxForce 7 Overheating Viscous Engine Fan. Verify with MaxxForce software or a mechanical gauge what your oil pressure is. overhaul (removal, inspection, and installation). In this case the entire turbo assembly must be replaced. Major System: ENGINES Created: 7/11/2013 Current Language: Figure # 1: MaxxForce DT/9/10 Aftertreatment wiring diagram Step 1: DSI connector inspection The four connectors at the DSI assembly (AFTFP1, AFTFP2, AFTFD, AFTFIS) should be checked for lose or broken pins. It was 6 months in my 2011 manual. But there are major issues with the Maxxforce 7 engine. When cold ECM reads pedal going past 27% before engine RPM starts to move off idle. DPF Replacement Maxxforce 7 Diesel Engine. And yet another EGR cooler to replace. Cheap fix">Maxxforce 7 electrical problem?? Come over here. Injector sealing washer failure. But I hear really good things about the Maxxforce 7 from a performance and reliability standpoint. MaxxForce 7 engine code won't run low fuel pressure when starting. Posted - 02/25/2016 : 8:28:09 PM. I have had this engine in my Breeze for 16 months and 14,000 miles with no problem or issue. DPF regens happen all the time, they last quite long, and burn extra fuel. WORKING ON A 2011 IH 4300 VIN# ***** GOT THE MAXXFORCE 7 MOTOR (6. In that diagnostic report shows 2 faults. After 4 years and 47000 miles with a VT365, predecessor to the MaxxForce 7, I made a command decision to stay away from V8 diesel engines in …. 1171971R1 MaxxForce®7EngineOperation andMaintenanceManual 0000002383 MaxxForce®7(EPA10)with HD-OBDEngineServiceManual 0000001681 MaxxForce®7(EPA10)with HD-OBDEngineDiagnostic Manual 0000003382 MaxxForce®7(EPA10)with HD-OBDHardStartandNoStart DiagnosticForm 0000003381 …. Good, used oil pump from a International Maxxforce 7 TWIN engine. The configuration shows the switch as inabled. I have a 15 bus fleet and in our case it was either a reman MaxxForce 7 with barely any warranty for $20,000 and stick with no confidence, no resale value and 7. The ECM dictates the amount of fresh air that the control valve can supply to the engine. If you install this Magnum Fuel Remap Kit to your Navistar Maxxforce 7 230HP your local dealer will be not permitted to void the factory warranty. 2015/01/28 - Added 2007­2009 MaxxForce 7 Part Numbers 2015/01/20 - Clarified step 10 decision DESCRIPTION Due to the lack of misfire diagnostics in the Manual, this document will guide the user through misfire diagnostics on the MaxxForce 7. Crazy crankcase pressure on this internation. I've only had one 7 day breakdown when the EGR cooler began leaking coolant badly at around 40,000 miles. maxforce dt excessive smoke. Hi, happy new year's I have a problem with this codes Spn. A/E Bus MAXXFORCE 7 2010 Emissions TG12­6135X­21 TerraStar MAXXFORCE 7 2010 Emissions TS12­6135X­21 AC Bus MAXXFORCE 7 2010 Emissions V12-6135X-21 BE MAXXFORCE 7 Y12-6135J-20 3200 MAXXFORCE 7 Z12-6135J-20 Add-on If Required: Description ChassisEngine Qualifier 1 Qualifier 2Qualifier 3SRT Hours Turbocharger L. We didn’t have any problems with the engine. The driver called in said he had no power and needed a spare. 1 MPG 2000 LEXUS RX300 FWD 22MPG 4020 LBS Criticism is easier than Craftsmanship. Another Maxxforce DT problem. Everything has gone well, except for one little problem that I cannot for the life of me figure out. Heavyd, May 20, 2019 #7 + Quote Reply. Yes, Maxxforce is nothing but a nightmare and total extinction is just a matter of time. Just recently got out of a really bad 2012 freightliner having regen/def issues breaking down a lot and into a 2013 international with a Maxxforce engine. 1171971R1 MaxxForce®7EngineOperation andMaintenanceManual 0000002383 MaxxForce®7(EPA10)with HD-OBDEngineServiceManual 0000001681 MaxxForce®7(EPA10)with HD-OBDEngineDiagnostic Manual 0000003382 MaxxForce®7(EPA10)with HD-OBDHardStartandNoStart DiagnosticForm 0000003381 MaxxForce®7(EPA10)with HD-OBDPerformanceDiagnostic Form 0000003201. 1) The turbo outlet air temperature is too high. Learn about these annoying foot conditions and how to improve them here. In this video i ran into engine pro. This maxxforce will not force a regen from. It also sounds like you don't have full power. If the system is manually primed it will run for about 5 seconds, then chug and stall. What could possibly be wrong with the 7. formula4437, Jun 21, 2014 #1 + Quote Reply. So time will tell if there is a problem. The desired ICP is 945psi but the actual ICP is 450psi during cranking. Otherwise, DT466 & MaxxForce DT engines have a B50 life of 550,000 miles. International ECM Tuning Service. 11' MaxxForce Dt466 Hard Start/No Start problem. 4L V-8 from 2007, with 2010 EPA. 4L’s injection system failures can be traced back to water infiltrating the fuel system. This product is currently out of stock. DIAGNOSTIC: Loosen EOT (engine oil temperature) sensor and see if oil …. They were: Cylinder #4 balance max limit exceeded. Fingernail Problems - Fingernail problems are common and often signal greater health problems. If you unplug the cluster after the vehicle has been started and plug it back in. / -4 psi, causing the pump to draw too much current and shut off or behave erratically (this could be cause by an intermittent fuel. 0 liter and then even more popular 6. Posted By: Texas TC on 02/28/12 11:10am. Still having a hard time starting randomly, even hot if I shut off it starts good sometimes. Pull the imp sensor and see if its 100% plugged, while the sensor is out see if there is a vacuum on the intake where you removed the imp sensor from. I have a 2008 International 4300 with Maxxforce. Maxxforce 7 Turbocharger Failure. I diagnosed a ford years ago with a 7. that cover features,descriptions,and unique diagnostics and repair procedures. Prime Maxxforce Fuel Filter And Properly Clean The Fuel Filter Housing. But I can't help but notice that there is a $15-20000 price difference(30+%) between the price of ProStars equipped with the MaxxForce engine and the Cummins. Read the details here https://www. BACK ORDERED HOOD PIVOT CRAIG BISHOP posted Sep 7, 2023. Advice on performance modules for Maxxforce 7: waustx: Navistar MaxxForce Engine Forum: 8: 05-13-2014 05:35 PM: Resort Parks …. Different problems or subject matter on the same vehicle that would be on different line items if you were to go into a shop and open a work order should be separated on different questions. We replaced the cams in the other three. MaxxForce 7 Continuing Problems iRV2. After running some tests we found a low compression problem on the # 2 cylinder. Good afternoon , looking to replace thermostats on a 2009 MaxxForce 7 , anyone know where they are on the engine and what kind of a labor job it is , Thanks in advance. If you have any inquires on Maxxforce 13 EGR valve problems or Maxxforce 13 EGR cooler problems, call or text us at 856-440-3338 for a quote. The issues with the MaxxForce 7 are not limited to one area of the engine. Applies To: MaxxForce 11/13 N13 SCR (2010-14) ŁIAHFI: SPN 5548 FMI 3, 4, 5, 7 Are any of the listed DTCs present? Yes: Repair any listed faults before diagnosing 626­11, 626­18, or 3061­31. 4-litre V-8 turbdiesel engine to power medium-duty work trucks. Is The Maxxforce 7 Diesel Engine a Piece of Junk? (Problems). When cranking the oil pressure gauge gradually builds but doesnt reach past 20 psi. 5) Once regen was complete, codes went inactive. com/toolbox/international-diesel-engine-forced-regen/. 2 ®2010 MaxxForce 11 and MaxxForce® 13 Engine Training Program The front gear train is located behind the front cover. It seems to me this DPF has a definite weak spot. I have a little over 11,000 miles on our Maxforce10 405 horse engine. 6E12-1563T-20HC Bus |MAXXFORCE DT/9/10| With 2010 Emission Engines W/245 H. Navistar unveils MaxxForce 7 engine. Rpm only goes to 125 and its definitely cranking faster than that. IF you haven't, start with the clean power harness. 20" (56 mm) 0° 0° Offset D to Right E Engine Roll CENTERLINE CHASSIS CENTERLINE ENGINE FRONT VIEW CENTERLINE CRANKSHAFT REAR FACE FLYWHEEL HOUSING INSIDE SURFACE …. EGES-270-1 Read all safety instructions in the "Safety Information" section of this manual before doing any procedures. I will provide this to the service shop tomorrow so they do not mistake "MY" problem hose MaxxForce 7 Continuing Problems - Page 7 - iRV2 Forums. jake744, Sep 25, 2018 #7 + Quote Reply. 3L of pure power, torque to spare. There is a solution that is now available. It will show low fuel pressure only. Maxxforce 7 EGR DPF Model Engine: Fits To Equipment: International Maxxforce 7 Diesel Engine EGR DPF Model: Fits To Make(s) International Maxxforce 7: Will Fit Year(s) 2009: Capacity: 6. After repairs are complete, retest for SPN 164 FMI 1. They put the Maxxforce 10 in TONS of other things besides RV's. We offer upgraded EGR coolers for many of the Maxxforce engines, including the Maxxforce 9/10 and Maxxforce 13 engines. It's only natural that the engineers that worked on the design thought they were onto a winner. Determine if engine has a mechanical cylinder balance problem (compression loss). Note: On the 2010-2014 MaxxForce 7 measuring crankcase pressure will be required due to the possibility of a plugged breather due to sludge contamination. I have a 2014 International Maxxforce 7. emissions engines (OBD) 2014 N9/N10. These include: Fuel economy improvement: In order for regeneration to occur, the DPF draws in fuel. Restricted air flow (intake or exhaust) Restricted EGR cooler. My scanner is saying 164 description unavailable > fault mode ID;1-data valid but below normal operational range Hi there Im still havin problem with the 2002 f650 cat engine I replaced the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator. Customer: I'm trying to figure out what DTC 164 is. I threw moy scope on it and noticed a lot of noise on the circuit. So during a recent a acquisition I ended up with some real junk trash trucks, go figure. Or for under $30k get a new Cummins with new after-treatment, 5 year 100k warranty, confidence, resale value and 9 mpg. For in-chassis service of parts and assemblies, the EGED-355-1 International® MaxxForce® 7 sequence may vary. on top of the filter screen area of your primer pump there is a plug. 12/19/2014 - Initial Article Release ­ 2013 OBD Calibration to Address Concern (PRS24***) DESCRIPTION. 2010 Maxxforce DT Intermittent low power no codes Replaced turbo with a known good one Cleaned DPF Cleaned EGR valve. The engine code 3055 (high pressure fuel pump related) led us to a solution in the way of a TSB (technical service bulletin). It is blowing oil out of the Blowby Tube. I checked the actuator and it works so then. This Performance Tune Kit hooks up into the Electronic Control Unit through. You can go to the Navistar dealer parts center and order the part. Download Ebook Navistar Maxxforce 7 Engine Problems …. I adjusted a couple of viscous engine fans on the MaxxForce 7 engines and it actually solved the problem of overheating. They are going to reflash the ECMs and "clean" the DOCs to eliminate excessive fuel dilution. EGR Issues Soot re-entering the engine and coming through the turbine housing over time will begin to adhere to the vanes and cause the turbo actuator to fail. The majority of the problems this engine faces in Ford Trucks is with sensors and valves. Per the settlement, class members can choose a “no questions asked” cash payment of up to $2,500 per truck, a. New ebp, map sensors, new vgt solinoid, new egr valve. I went out today to try to start them but they both crank but no start. In our research, that was not the case. 2013 MaxxForce 7 Diesel Engine Performance Update. This has happened to a few of the maxxforce 7 diesel engines in our fleet …. Dave Premium Member · #7 · Oct 12, 2010. diagnostic procedures used to solve. The issue i am having is when it start up, it will run for a minute, and then shut off, no light or nothing come on when it shuts off, but it will start back up no problem, and them continue to run I did get a check engine light, code SPN 3464 FMI 31.