Did Sasuke Ever Love Sakura Did Sasuke Ever Love SakuraSecondly, Kakashi was her mentor, and he would never abuse his position like that. "Sakura and Ino" (サクラといの, Sakura to Ino) is chapter 54 of the original Naruto manga. No, Sasuke and Sakura have not kissed yet in any anime episode or manga chapter. Boruto Villain Ada Flips How Naruto Mishandled Sakura. Sasuke is a calm and collected person now, who looks after the Hidden Leaf from the shadows. he stopped liking sakura when he saw sasuke post timeskip for the first time chest bare shining in the light and whispering into his ear, that was when naruto realized, he was gay. Sasuke wouldn't have the guts to kill Sakura anyway, in case you didn't know they kind of have a kid. Sakura could have had a great romance with Lee. It HAS NOT happened in the Manga or the. That moment was meant to kill narusaku and burry it 6 feet under and it did. Kishimoto has Itachi kill his lover(s) to show how much he loved his brother. While many fans question Sasuke's genuine love for Sakura, he foreshadows their future relationship several times throughout the series. Sakura, especially as an adult, has a love for Sasuke that softens his harsh lifestyle. I love this picture of Edit Your Post Published by jthreeNMe on May 4, 2022 I love this picture of him and me. Ever since then, Sakura has been in love with Sasuke. Hokage, Sannin, incredibly powerful and mighty Tsunade herself said Sakura was stronger. What followed next was one of the tensest situations Sasuke had ever been in. Sweating profusely, Sasuke went against his pride and "confessed" to being a pervert captivated by Jiraiya's stories. In the manga Sakura has her flaws but grows as a character and becomes a really good friend to Naruto, in the anime she's constantly mocking him. But Naruto never did anything to actually harm Hinata. During most of the Naruto franchise, however, that love was all one-sided. Only one person, Minato, held affection for her and liked her for her personality. Even when Naruto and he weren’t friends, he had a soft spot for her. His two teenagers exchanged secret smirks, a rarity in his family. she thought that she could talk sasuke on staying at the leaf village. Sakura should have made the steps to move on. While SP don't care or outright hate those two so they haven't bothered with it either. Kiba is shown with Tamaki, but we don't even know if there's anything going on between them. Because Sakura was afraid Sasuke would kill Naruto. Why is there so much hate for the Naruto series? : …. Knowing Itachi is the person behind Sasuke's pain and …. And Sasuke found both of them annoying. Harvest Moon Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. 1 She Should've Been A Genjutsu Specialist. Even Naruto witness their kissing. 1 Sasuke & Sakura: They show their love in a special way. Sakura is the one Sasuke chose to both marry and have a child with. At one point of being annoyed of Sasuke, Naruto stepped up to …. This week, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations released its 60th episode, and. They were never meant to be in the first place since Sakura always had a crush only on Sasuke from the start. I think he might've saved her a few times on their Team 7 missions but Naruto. Sasuke is named after Sasuke Sarutobi, the old manga and anime character. It had been just them and she didn't love Sasuke—or Sai—or anyone else. classic answer: "naruto dont let your dream die" he believes in this dumb blond boy so much he would sacrifice himself and his goal of killing his brother to let naruto live and become the hokage. sasuke is the last one of the uchiha clan. In one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series, Sasuke ultimately abandons Konohain favor of joining Orochimaru to gain power, choosing the path of revenge over bonds. 3 Ways Sasuke Shows He Loves Sakura. Naruto's Sequel Gives Sasuke a Huge Step Toward …. (Also kiiiinda during the war) And she was kinda the same as Naruto for a while. Then they're suddenly on the water. ItaSaku (イタサク - ItaSaku) is the term used to refer to romantic relationship between Itachi Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. However, unlike Naruto and Hinata’s relationship development, there wasn’t much shown in their case. Sakura and Sasuke had a very complicated relationship, and many times it would feel like a one-sided relationship. Even their marriage was left unconfirmed in the Naruto series and was only acknowledged later in the Boruto series. The only people Sasuke ever made clear he liked and respected were Kakashi and Naruto for most of the series, and he tried to kill them on multiple occasions. The pair end up in front of a lake filled with starlight, and obviously, the setting is romantic. Her confession to Naruto was the truth whereas the lie. Now that that's out of the way, Sakura is acknowledged by Tsunade as being stronger than she ever was. When he leaves Sakura behind he says "I'm sorry" because he knows how much she loves him. Naruto did have an unrecruited crush for Sakura but never truly acted on his feelings. She would eventually become Sasuke …. There was never an in-depth explanation in the manga given or to be seen why Sakura loves Sasuke so much, aside from suiperficial reasons such as him being the cool guy, from a noble clan and popular. She was often compared to the likes of Neji Hyuga, who was a genius as well. How many times has Sasuke shown that he loves Sakura? Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Proved He Loved Sakura. What was never shown in the anime was that Kakashi was the one who pardoned him, which came at the tail end of Kakashi Hiden. Sakura loves you and just wants to protect you, that's all. Also, since Sarada's parentage already is a canonically established fact that will never be …. Sakura, however, had no such dream or goal for herself. She's facing the most powerful being to ever exist, the man who's responsible for practically every. Sakura has openly loved Sasuke ever since the beginning of the story - a fact that even Naruto had to come to terms with while being in love with her - and while the last remaining Uchiha at the time was cold and reserved, he did have the same feelings for her as well. He was told the leaf was destroyed, but I don’t think he was even made aware of how to was destroyed or any of the details. Just less chasing, more killing. It made Naruto into an idiot who did not understand love when he actually did. Most likely not, he knew pain destroyed the leaf and lost to Naruto hit he never knew Kakashi died, plus he seen Kakashi after danzo died. Sasuke, who has chased after the maddened Gaara to finish their battle, is followed by Naruto and Sakura. Even after Sai was cast off by both of them, he stayed polite to them. Now comes the VOTE fight, and come face to face with an …. He cares about Naruto for the most part of shippuden. Then there is Sakura to kiss him to save him by giving CPR. Easily one of the most unnecessarily and unfairly hated Sakura moments is when she says she’s finally caught up to her teammates. If I don't feel love for someone, whatever that someone does for …. The protagonist of the series is Naruto, who aspired to become Hokage …. Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship">My exact thoughts on Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship. 5 Happened: Sasuke & Sakura From the very beginning when Team Seven was first established, it had always been hinted that Sakura would end up with either Sasuke or …. This shows that Ino had feelings for Sasuke. Both Naruto and Sakura had very unhealthy obsessions with Sasuke but Naruto was by far worse in shippuden. Sakura Haruno never liked Naruto Uzumaki in a romantic way. Namely, the second Retsuden novel that was released does confirm that Sakura and Sasuke kiss. Why did Sasuke try to kill Sakura many times?. Karin later explains that she was Sakura's midwife when Sasuke and Sakura were travelling together. In one part of the series, she confesses her love for him. Now that they’re adults, Sasuke is more open about their love for Sakura. Regardless, by Boruto, this is where all those ideas ended up. She links the couple together and Sasuke finds more enjoyment in being home when Sarada is around. I'm not saying they don't care about each other (although Sasuke is debatable, with him attempting to kill Sakura) but the level of devotion from Sakura …. However, in the background, sweet and shy Hinata always pined for the headstrong, blonde-haired boy. because the village had already inflicted the most unimaginable pain on him. Naruto spent years, not just training, but searching for …. Team Minato and Team Seven have similarities – Naruto/Sasuke is equal to Obito/Kakashi, while Sakura is essentially the Rin of Team Minato. dushman-e-jaan answered: Oh, sure 4) Did you know that Kishimoto called Sakura's love for Sasuke an addiction/obsession?. He only ever focused on his own goals. Sasuke is a naturally quiet person, especially as an adult, who seldom expresses his feelings, and when he does, it may not be in the …. o is right that's a fangirl thing hiw thinks they would go good together she love saska i think or naruto. The crowd of Lee, Kiba, Sai, Kakashi, Yamato watched in shock as they actually kissed. We have never seen Sasuke go out of his way to interact with anyone but Naruto. 6 Sasuke Regains Control Because Of Sakura. Secretly, he loved teasing Sakura by denying her affection every once in a while. sasuke never shows emotion for love intrest. After the preliminary exam and in the meantime before the finals, Sakura goes to the Yamanaka's Flower Shop to buy flowers. Sakura talking to Sasuke about Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot) In the early years of the Naruto anime, she was immature even amongst her peers. Sasuke's vision gets blurry, Kakashi gets a bit of time to rest up after using Kamui. At the time, they were married, and Sakura was pregnant with their first child. HOW? he goes back to konoha and MARRYS SAKURA IT HAPPENS PPL IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!! Sasuke DOES NOT marry Sakura. But what about self-love and its significance to our happiness? Most psychologists will agree that being loved and being able to love is crucial t. Did sasuke ever had feelings for sakura?. He could see the love and devotion in her eyes. Sakura has been in love with Sasuke ever since they were kids. At the center of it all are the Team 7 trio: Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Sakura thought that Naruto only went after Sasuke because she loved him (Sai is the one that puts that idea in her head, btw) so she thinks that if she confeses her love to him, he'll stop chasing after Sasuke. Lots of people say he does like her but those people are fans. However, in this scene, it is clear that Sakura’s feelings have evolved from that of admiration to love. Naruto: 10 Things You Need To Know About Sakura Haruno. InoSaku (いのサク InoSaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno. As kids, Naruto promised that he’d bring Sasuke back to the village no matter what. Sakura's Desire Chapter 1: Sakura's Demonstration, a. 5 Ways Sarada Is Different From Sasuke (& 5 She's The Same). Kakashi showed up, and he was really going to kill Sasuke, but Naruto stopped him. Karin has actually known Sasuke longer, for one, if you think about it. This is unacceptable no matter how noble her intentions were. Masashi Kishimoto was kind enough to bless us with the marriage and kids of the main characters. Naruto was close to informing Sakura about Itachi's actions and why Sasuke fled from Konohagakure. During the Chūnin Exams, Gaara goes after a weakened Sasuke. In my perspective, SasuSaku has no chance. Does Naruto ever get hugged by Sakura? Yes. When we watch long-running television series, most of us usually forget minute details after a while. After Sasuke left, Sakura made Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back. Sasuke Uchiha is a main character in Naruto, serving as a secondary protagonist in early Part I and later as an antagonist in majority of Part II before redeeming himself in the end. I enjoy his character's story, one of anger and hatred as opposed to the main character's of trying to make world peace. No, Sakura and Sasuke are both bitches. i think sakura should go out with naruto or maybe sasuke but sometime i think it should be gaara and sakura i think they will look cute together. She also said she would like him to be the one to find peace. SasuNaru / NaruSasu (Japanese サスナル SasuNaru) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. Really crazy that Kakashi and Sasuke didn’t encounter each. I love Hinata but it would have been interesting to see Sakura grow to love Naruto, (the one who dotes on her a lot before and after the timeskip, helps her with everything, and is all around there for her when she needs him. Did Sasuke Love Sakura In Naruto? Complete Storyline Explained. Page 2 Read -3- from the story Sasuke x OC character by bxby_suga (♡) with 4,902 reads. They're always talking about their closeness, and they're the only two characters whose relationship has developed the most. I can understand Sakura's love for Sasukeuntil the five kage summit, but not beyond that at all. Naruto: Bastard! She is worried about you. This gained Sasuke lots of enemy's over the years since Sakura was a very attractive girl to other boys. Sakura married for love, Sasuke more or less just settled. Otherwise why didn't he have a child with Karin, who had much better genes then Sakura, due to being an Uzumaki. For most of the series Naruto has a comical unrequited crush on her, but she acts dismissive towards him while she's in love with Sasuke; However, over the course of the series she grows to appreciate and care for Naruto as a friend and teammate in great part due to their shared bond with Sasuke. While she may not have had great character development and can be annoying at times, she is not a villain. Sakura and Sasuke had a very complicated relationship, …. SasuSaku (スサク) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. 10 Things That Would've Been Different If Itachi Had Stayed With Sasuke. Naruto: 10 ways Sasuke and Sakura are the perfect …. She thought by “admitting” her love, Naruto would think she’s. Sakura is more nuts than Sasuke, it was the most one-sided relationship ever and you can reference my last post for a comparison for her. He has too many priorities and problems. As an adult, Sasuke married Sakura Haruno and started his own family, finally at peace with the end of his clan. Sakura told Naruto those three big words mainly to convince Naruto to return home with his beloved friends and give up on Sasuke, but ultimately, Sakura's strategy did not work, …. But again, probably Obito intervened earlier, but in any case, the story would turn differently. She offered him an alternative path instead of revenge. Although she makes dexterous usage of several basic ninjutsu, she is ultimately forced to resort to biting and other physical attacks. When did karin meet Sasuke? chapter 395 somewhere around there Karin first meets Sasuke in the forest of death. Sakura was willing to do anything for Sasuke, even giving her life to protect him. The cursed seal of heaven is a mark placed on Sasuke’s neck by Orochimaru during the Chunin exams. Karin seems to be completely infatuated with Sasuke, even from their first meeting when he saves her during the Chunin Exams. Naruto: 7 Reasons Naruto Should Have Ended Up With Sakura. itachi is the person whom he loved the most and he cheat …. Honestly, Sasuke cared about Sakura a lot in Part 1. One found the other attractive. First of all, Sakura was a child when they met, and Kakashi would never do such a thing. For crap's sake, "Still a better love story than Twilight" is a common phase now! The worst romance ever, which sets a terrible standard for all readers, glorifies abuse and provides absolutely no real connection between the. The novel ‘Sasuke Jinraiden’ will be illustrated by Brenton. Sakura persuaded Sasuke to let her accompany him on his travels a few years later. Finally, the SasuSaku eye smex moment has come on this day. Sai was first introduced as a substitute for Sasuke, after he went rogue, in team 7. Rock Lee challenges Sasuke to a fight before they enter the Chunin Exams because Sasuke is the most promising ninja of his class, and because Lee is interested in Sakura and wants to fight for a right to her love, as archaic as that is. Sasuke remembers that he never interacted with the hyuga, the only thing he knew was she was so in love with his best friend, until he finally acknowledged her. When you compare Naruto & Sasuke to the other young shinobi they both outclass everyone else gaining superior ability. Who Married Who in Naruto?. I feel like Sakura’s deep love for Sasuke doesn’t really. Yes you did interpret this wrongly. Ehhhh, I've watched the conversation between Naruto and Sakura in The Last. Naruto wanted to be Hokage, Sasuke wanted to avenge the massacre of his clan. Spoilers] I found out the real reason why Kishimoto chose to pair. After graduation, Sasuke, along with Sakura and Naruto, were put in Team 7 under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake. He loved Sakura, but he wasn't sure if they were right for each other if she felt the need to go out and cheat on him with Sasuke. As the Five Kage Summit comes to a close, Mifune decides to appoint A, the Fourth Raikage, as the leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Up until now Sasuke dismissed her feelings, but when he apologised to her he must have realised them. Did Sasuke ever have feelings for Ino? Ino was shown dreaming about Sasuke being one of the two people battling over her during the Infinite Tsukyomi. If most Naruto fans can agree on one thing, they can all say that Gaara is an amazing character and deserves all the love. Itachi's father would encourage her to pursue a relationship with his wayward son. Sakura really crushed on Sasuke while Ino did as well, but just because. Even if Sasuke's love for her edges closer to platonic than you might expect for a married couple, that doesn't mean the love is any less important. 8 Sasuke Caught Naruto After He Fell From A Tree. Sakura was a Medical-nin just as Tsunade, the Hidden Leaf Village’s fifth Hokage. Although Naruto may be about a certain yellow haired ninja, the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke is what kept the franchise popular for decades. Paralleled with Sasuke in the novel referring to. Naruto: Every Relationship Ranked (& How Long They Lasted). They have NOT kissed (at least not in any anime episode or manga chapter that has been released in the USA). Sakura Haruno: The One Who Should Have Married Sasuke : …. One of these was Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze, which followed Sakura's life during the period of time when Sasuke wandered the land after being released from prison. But as expected, Sasuke cannot respond to those feelings. Food for thought and consciousness under the awning of Washington's blossoms. Now that they were choosing different career options that they decided to part ways for college yet stayed in contact and visited each other's place. It made Naruto’s crush on sakura into some dumb rivalry with sasuke. Sakura Uchiha has been at home with their child, Sarada Uchiha. he hate sakura because she really love hima nd love make him weak which he don,t want because he have to take revenge from itachi. When he is added to Team Kakashi as a replacement for the rogue Sasuke Uchiha, Sai begins …. The Beloved Poke: Original Naruto Anime, Episode: 109. Sakura and Sasuke's relationship was one of the plotlines of Naruto. I really want to know how he got round to liking Sakura eventually and how in spite of his complex character he is willing to start his own family. That is what Naruto Uzumaki had always believed. Giving someone one’s own Dōjutsu-infused eyes is not unusual in the world of Naruto. During the first arc, which saw Team 7 learn how to run up trees, Sakura mastered the technique in mere moments. Naruto never loved her, he just had a childhood crush. Blushing doesnt automatically mean someone is in love, and his care for her was purely the Teammate/friend type. Naruto Reveals Cute Detail About Sasuke, Sakura Marriage in …. Sasuke & Sakura wedding: Why & when did Sasuke marry Sakura?. Those three or four years of joint child rearing also make up the bulk of Sakura and Sasuke's relationship. sasuke was the complete opposite of an incel… incels do not get girls. however he has touched her, sakura said in boruto that this gesture was way more romantic than a kiss. Almost like how she moved on from being neglected by Sasuke for 12 years after he confirmed he wasn't cheating on Sakura. Secret Love Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. yes, and they are a perfect couple too. Sasuke didn't acknlowledge Sakura as a love interest at all. Emotionally damaged people don't just get changed by the power of love. Here’s your laugh for the day: Sakura actually thought she. One of the most notable, and most talked about, is the marriage of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha. Now the series faces a key moment. naruto because they share quite same storty. During her two-and-a-half year training with Tsunade, Sakura discovered that Itachi is Sasuke's brother and he is the person Sasuke desires to kill in order to avenge their clan. If Naruto ever realizes Hinata's crush on him, he will possible fall in love with her too. Were Naruto and Sasuke friends in the original series? (opinions). At the end of the series, Sakura is basically a slighty weaker and less experienced Tsunade. Fundamentally, much more blood is spilled in the manga version, even if the blood turns out to be a ruse on Kakashi’s part. Does Sasuke still love Sakura?. 9 Minato & Kushina's Love Story Is Pure. If you want to know more about these two and why many don’t belie v they actually love each other make sure to read this article all the way through. He’s this great mixture of an insanely powerful ninja combined with a fairly young teenager who’s still healing from a …. During this time, they got married, and Sakura became pregnant with his child. Sasuke Sarutobi's wife was named Sakura. I don't understand any het Sasuke ship. Sasuke has never expressed romantic interest in girls, at all, ever. Being one of the main characters of Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and now Boruto, Sasuke Uchiha has gone through many life and death situations. Did naruto really love Sakura? : r/Naruto. While Naruto truly is the story of an Uzumaki orphan becoming the hero he always dreamed to be, there's a lot more going on. When Someone You Love Kills Themselves. Instead, Gaara leaves Sakura tied to a tree. Why Did Sakura Marry Sasuke and Not Naruto? The answer to this question is simply because she never loved Naruto, even though Naruto expressed his feelings for Sakura many times in the series (it was not true love though because he never understood what true love was until Naruto: The Last ). Sasuke can’t provide his Love for Sakura and hence he considers Sarada as Sakura’s child…. Naruto Finally Delivers the Sasuke & Sakura Moment Fans Have …. Sakura tried to dissuade him by telling him she still loves him and pleading for him to return home if he ever loved her. Itachi and Sasuke loved each other equally in the end. Tears flooded her eyes as she understood why Itachi used her. The Naruto anime and manga series both ran for …. Sai was literally proven wrong when Naruto reacted to Sakura. Did Sakura really love Naruto? : r/Naruto. Karin was merely the midwife who helped deliver Sarada and owned the umbilical cord that was attached to Sarada from Sakura’s womb. Sakura is the only one who actually tried to stop Sasuke. Sakura though isn't really interested. Kishimoto even emphasizes in an interview that “despite everything, Sakura is the last person Sasuke ever wanted to hurt”. Sasuke was part of the Uchiha clan, one of the most powerful ninja families in Konoha. Naruto looked down at his hands. The years passed after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sakura married Sasuke, and they had a daughter, Sarada Uchiha. During their first-ever mission in the Land of Waves, Sasuke was impressed by Sakura's superior chakra control and jumped in front of her to protect her from their enemies. When Sasuke first gets the curse mark during the Chunin Exams, he. With Naruto and Sasuke both unconscious, Sakura is left to defend her team alone when they are. And finally, we have Kakashi gives his speech about Sakura’s love. Sakura does have feelings for Sasuke still. The many trials he may face are all for his family. After fighting Naruto, Sasuke regained his bonds, and finally opened up to his comrades. Does Sasuke love Sakura? Yes, Sasuke does love Sakura. Shin Uchiha - Boruto- Naruto Next Generations AMV. Sakura And Sasuke">10 Naruto Couples That Make More Sense Than Sakura And Sasuke. “Naruto Bonds Movie”, (filler movie) they’ve interacted once and Sasuke told Hinata to shutup. All the villages have child soldiers, but they don't turn into raving sociopaths, so not sure what relevance this has to anything especially when there are others when more jacked up than Sasuke. Did Karin even have any "romantic" relationship with Sasuke?">Did Karin even have any "romantic" relationship with Sasuke?. Though Sasuke wasn’t an affectionate or expressive person, he did care for Sakura. For the majority of the series, Sasuke’s goal was to kill Itachi, and then it changed to killing every person in the Hidden Leaf. RELATED: Naruto: The 10 Worst Things Sakura Ever Did, Ranked. Sasuke's affection towards Sakura : r/Naruto. Naruto: 15 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense. The Nature of Sasuke’s feelings for Sakura using manga panels …. This created an unnecessary love triangle of sorts between him, Sakura, and Sasuke. And that is why she didn’t have any driving force in herself to do or achieve anything as. Yes Sakura still would have loved him probably, but I don't think she would have forgiven him ever! People mostly think Sakura is a pretty shallow character but she's not. It would be shocking, or even extreme, of Sasuke to not forgive her. RELATED: Naruto: 10 Times Sasuke Didn't Live Up To His Potential. that is episode 109 and sakura did a terrible job doing that. It's why Orochimaru kept Kabuto around, despite being way better in nearly every way than him. Confirmation of Sarada’s Parentage. In Sasuke and any normal human beings eyes Sakura is an obsessive masochist who still loved a guy who tried to KILL HER twice because of revenge. He says, "If you ever hurt my sensei, I'll kill you!". "Sasuke and Sarada" (サスケとサラダ, Sasuke to Sarada) is episode 21 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. Sakura is one of the worst characters of all time. In manga chapter 700+1 titled Uchiha Sarada, it is evidenced that Sarada has believed Sakura to be her biological mother and Sasuke to be her biological father, so it implies that Sakura lost her virginity at some unspecified point (unless she used IVF technology). When Naruto lost Sasuke, he was the only friend he'd ever really had. The years in between have seen many fans speculate about Sasuke Uchiha and the rest of the Uchiha clan, though. By Shanna Rie Published Feb 14, 2021 Even before Sasuke and Naruto became friends, and before Sasuke ever considered him a rival, he had already shown several signs of caring for Sakura. Sasuke’s one and only aim was to kill Naruto, but ultimately he spared his life. Uchiha Sasuke spent most of the Naruto series, especially during the second part, Naruto Shippuden, as a villain, at best an antihero character. Lee dreams of victory in combat and love. The above answer is semi right. Does Sakura ever like Naruto? Well Sakura always like. She felt the warmth of a sun ray land on her too fair of skin. You ever wonder how tf did sasuke knew this considering that sakura. When Sakura was added to Team 7 along with Sasuke, she suddenly had the perfect excuse to spend more time with the boy she wanted to marry someday. Naruto saw that Sasuke was alone at the time just like him. Sakura blushed and leaned towards Sasuke, hoping to get another kiss before he left again. This is exceptionally sad and unfortunate because Ino was the one person who stood up for Sakura when she was being bullied as a young child. " Sasuke closed his eyes, his expression solemn. Does someone know if Sasuke kissed Sakura ? If yes,answer!. She had a lot of adventures with Naruto and Sasuke, and although she was on the brink of death several times and needed saving, she survived and is still alive and well in Boruto. But it's very clear she wasn't in love with him. Now, this isn't exactly a canon answer, but it's based on some speculation. This is about how Sakura is a combination of every negative stereotype that paints a. Now onto the story, Cha! Tainted Love. Developing romantic feelings for your therapist is common, and it’s called transference. I think Sasuke and Naruto will get lovey before Sasuke does with Sakura. Naruto fans will always recall the battle of the Valley of the End as one of the best fights of the series. A person with obsessive love disorder (OLD) often has another mental health condition that causes them to become obsessive and controlling in a relationship. Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto is a shonen to its core, putting focus on flashy fight scenes, ever-evolving special moves, and cool-but-terrifying villains determined to destroy the world. "Your love towards me isn't real; you were only interested in me because you were rivals with Sasuke-kun!" This was her goodbye. Sasuke knowing that her feelings are romantic and yet he feels fulfilled by the databook 2 quote “The one who filled Sasuke’s lonely existence [for him] with the emotion called love was Sakura". Sakura is truly in love with him deep down because she feels how much pain he's in. Artistic Purposes, a naruto fanfic. The whole thing follows Sasuke and Sakura on a mission to decipher a riddle. Will Sasuke join Orochimaru? At the end of Part I, Sasuke has left the Leaf Village to train with Orochimaru, a former ninja of Leaf Village, and get all the power and training he needs …. The love triangle between Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke is one of the spiciest plotlines that run throughout the series. The question that now arises is when did they get married? Does Sasuke really love Sakura? When was Sasuke and Sakura's wedding? Sakura Haruno . of course no, sasuke leave the town and went to orochimaru's when he is still a kid,, so theres no posibility that he and sakura has a kid. Same thing for his love of ramen. Even though Naruto is indeed a shonen series or, as commonly known, anime, intended for teenage guys, Masashi Kishimoto, the author, does include romance in the series. Naruto: 25 Things That Don't Make Sense About Sasuke And Sakura's. Naruto fans know the show is full of humor and eccentric characters. After the exams, Lee's interest …. Sasuke deeply admires Itachi and loved him so much, even when Itachi was standing in front of their parents' dead bodies, Sasuke did not suspect Itachi was responsible. Rather than train titular hero Naruto, Kakashi instead chose to instruct his rival Sasuke in the month before the Chunin Exams' final round, but why? Naruto 's "Chunin Exams" arc is one of the most prolific of the series. Sasuke looked at Sakura for a long time. Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most divisive characters in Naruto — although introduced as one of the heroes, he begins to reveal his darker side as the series carries on. Sakura Haruno spent a significant. Kishimoto handled the relationship of these two at all but I do think people are often too quick to think Sasuke was ever really a callous killer. The one exception I would make is Sasuke cut down a lot of samurai at the summit for almost no reason when generally he would have just beat them up like what he did during his Oro training. Sarada is Sakura’s Daughter, Here’s How I Know Why…. And third, Sakura has always …. Literally every male character ignored their love interest the entire show other than Shikmaru and Temari.