Best Episodes Of Spooked Podcast Reddit Produced by Greta Weber, original score by Leon Morimoto, artwork by Teo Ducot. Episodes which are ideal and truly showcase Dan's incredible ability for research and fact-checking mixed with Jordans humor and wit are ideal Pele. I only featured interviews in which David is sharing unique insights beyond the stories from his autobiography. I'll start an episode only to realize it's a rerun 15 minutes in, wasting all that time. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another. my head is so hard that when I got dropped on it , it actually broke the concrete. I've always found Spooked Seasons to be spotty, but I do find the first few seasons' stories came across as more genuine paranormal experiences (Meaning, the narrators were recounting an event they actually experienced). Bear Brook - a true crime podcast but one of the best you'll ever listen to. The guy’s dad calling in was so cool. Not from 2021 but Spooked episode 2, "Lost in time". Podcasts to listen to to get motivated and in the right mindset. best apprise people of the risks so they could make the best decisions?” The Daily Sun-Up podcast | More episodes. Are their other good podcasts similar to this? Ghost stories. Haven’t tried The Enforcer, but I have listened to the rest (I listen to a lot of true crime). SPOOKED! The improvised scary story podcast, where it's never scary and it's sometimes a story. Episode topics are clearly carefully considered and a lot of work goes into each episode. Definitely a recurring theme in my life. It wasn’t the same old set up that many ghost stories have. I’ve been looking for podcasts like Radio Rental, so I’m probably in the best thread. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including Radiolab, Freakonomics Radio, Death, Sex & Money, On the Media, and many . Well then you have been sitting around the wrong campfires. An amazing and underrated ghost story teller on YouTube is “Maximum Fear” He only tells 100% true ghost stories. A funny podcast for teens full of interviews that will surely remind them that they are not the only ones walking around this. It’s a new podcast from Punchbowl News, which was just founded by two veteran reporters on the Capitol beat. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Autism and post-traumatic stress disorder share many traits, but the connection between them was largely overlooked until now. The host is the perfect mix of open minded and skeptical, and some of the stories are amazing. Puliyabaazi by IVM: A good hindi podcast for someone interested in policy/tech & governance in general. Risk!, Lore, Spooked, Are You Scared? and. I have considered paying for the Luminary app so that I. But Long Distance frankly is just about the best podcast episode I’ve ever heard, mostly because Alex takes the crazy fantasy we all have of antagonizing a phone scammer and cranks it up to 11. Funniest myth: We were testing a myth about a . Award-winning podcast hosted by voice artist Darren Marlar who narrates true stories of crime, the unexplained, and paranormal. Horror buffs know that the American South is full of spine-tingling ghost stories. Casefile Case 123: Mark Kilroy Maybe scary isn’t the right word but this episode deeply disturbed me. It’s titled The Wolves (episode 19) and it’s about the reintroduction of wolves at Yellowstone. Any podcasts about beating depression and anxiety? Like some. It's a fictional podcast and centers around the shenanigans of his life, suburban life. The Cryptonaut Podcast has 20 episodes devoted to “listener stories. Endless Thread - Something Wicked, Grateful Doe, Deadly Double, We Want Plates/Pile of Crockery, Geedis, Ghost Town. I also love Spooked, Scared to Death, and Radio Rental. Includes a lot of audience participation. Well, thanks to The NoSleep Podcast, that's possible any hour of the day. Phantom Border Agent: A border agent encounters Read more. Another Spooked episode (not sure season) called "Skinwalker" is just bananas. The 25 Best Episodes Of 'The NoSleep Podcast'. CASEFILE is excellent if you’re into a host with a soothing voice talking about murder stuff. Matt is calm, peaceful, and very chill, but his apartment has a dark past. Best podcast!! Have been listening non stop for the past couple of weeks and not one episode is bad The host’s voice is really soothing and easy to listen to. Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked Heaven’s Gate from Pineapple Street Studios. I'm trying to find a podcast player that had the ability to pick up on where you've played episodes (including downloaded episodes) regardless of what device you listen on. I’ve recently started listening and have been skipping around through the seasons. The host usually tries to offer other explanations when possible. I’m not entirely sure it was Spooked. It’s still a decent listen but Season 1 was by far the best. 25 Best Podcast Episodes to Check Out 1) Avante-Garde All the Time -"The Sound of Silence" "Hear melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter. All Episodes (123) Best episodes ranked by Podyssey's 20,000 community members. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment Studios, in partnersh Read more Popular All episodes. Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened …. Find ratings and reviews for the newest movie and TV shows. Host Daemon Fairless tracks down the investigators, survivors and criminals themselves. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit podcast like spooked? I love Spooked - I like people just telling what happened to them with no reenactment or acting. What is your favorite Mike Tully podcast. The first episode of Earthbreak gave me my only jump scare from audio. Each season builds on the last so it's worth starting from season 1 episode 1. Malevolent - "the best Lovecraft anything right now" according to one review. There is one about someone renovating an old house that used to be owned by the mafia, is that it? That was the Mr. Help me find something similar to Unsolved Mysteries : r/podcasts. Browsing and/or asking over there should get you some additional suggestions. Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Premium About Reddit Advertise Blog Careers Press. Animals and Pets Anime Art Cars and Motor Vehicles Crafts and DIY Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Ethics and Philosophy Fashion Food and Drink History Hobbies Law Learning and Education Military Movies Music Place Podcasts and Streamers Politics Programming Reading, Writing, and Literature Religion and Spirituality Science Tabletop Games …. The Chilling podcast is so damn scary! The host lived in a haunted house during her college years, and tells the story of all the things that happened there. An NBA podcast featuring a rotating lineup of the best insiders, writers, and reporters from The Athletic. Celebrity Family Feud: Lauren Lapkus vs June Diane Raphael (with Lauren Ashley Smith, Mike Castle, Jacquis Neal, Paul F. I work for "Spooked" podcast and am taking story submissions. New episodes : r/SpookedPodcast. What is the #1 best podcast you have ever listened to?. On Kevin’s night shift at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, things get wet, wild, and very very weird. In all his podcasts he is attempting to learn something by presenting his ideas to be cross-examined. Current best paranormal/unsolved mysteries podcast besides Mr. But one night a hunt for turtle eggs becomes a search for the truth. I’m happy to have snap and spooked all in one place with every episode. Spooked podcast (Ep 240) Waking Up podcast. 3K 4 episodes / day Avg Length 15 min Aug 2019 Play Listen on Add Links Get Email Contact. I think the penetration tester episodes could be interesting to anyone. Minds of madness (current fav) The apex & the abyss The walk among us 1995 (admittedly not all eps are about true crime) Suicide by cop Canadian true crime The shot In the dark Breakdown Crimetown Felon Detective. The actual content doesn't feel very much like a campfire story though. Each episode, join Will and Sam as they chat about the best Reddit posts and comments from the last week. train by day, JRE podcast by night. Episode #133 - Jiraiya's Death. The Allusionist - a wonderful podcast about language. Shaakira’s listeners tell her that her episodes “[feel like] there’s just a friend in the room …. Also from Sawbones, both "Oregon Trail" and "Home Alone" are near the top of my list of episodes I return to over and over again when I …. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories · 3. I personally love the one where the Texas “trophy wife” swaps with the licensed midwife who hasn’t shaved her pits in years. Russell Brand #1021 - Russell is exhaustingly well spoken but if you have the energy he is incredibly fascinating and Joe did a great job of keeping him on track. based on an original story by. Supernatural with Ashley Flowers. They have a subreddit - r/EdenExodus. alaina does a really good job and the. Spooked Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. It's three funny friends goofing with each other. Long-form philosophy podcasts: The Partially Examined Life ( itunes, blog/forum ): 2 hour weekly discussions on philosophical readings. New episodes typically air every Sunday and contain five or six stories per episode, not including bonus releases. I wouldn't mind donating to NPR or even to a Patreon--I love the artist and their work, of course I'd support. Since its launch in 1997, The Moth has presented thousands of true stories, told live and without notes, to standing-room-only crowds worldwide. What they discover shocks them. And they're all jumbled together. The Real Ghosts Of…: Another Austin-based podcast, The Real Ghosts Of hosted by Taylor Reneau and Nicole Riccardo takes listeners on paranormal investigations loaded with history and evidence. I love the show and encourage people to pay for it. The host was literally saying how the population of Ireland at the time was just shy of 9 million people. I think it's spooked but it might be radio rental, it was a story about some teenagers coming across a house and they saw people, and then there was a gap in time and they don't remember anything, they woke up next to their bikes, and the people said something along the lines of when you hear this sound it means they were nearthat's all I can kind of …. A Luminary Original podcast, Spooked Season 6 gathers listeners around an imaginary campfire for hair-raising, true-life supernatural stories. Season 2, Episode 6/The Perfect Tenant. Some episodes available on all platforms. Video Palace is also an obvious pick for similar reasons. The plumbing episode was awesome. It's the story of the Freshwater Five, a fascinating case of trawlers and drug shipments off the coast of the Isle Of Wight. Moving forward, he said, he’ll be working with two new partners — KQED, the San Francisco-based media company, and PRX, a non …. Phoebe's Fall - Australian based podcast about a young woman found dead in a building's trash chute. The building was part of a mob casino and home for satanic cult rituals. NoSleep sucks, don't listen to it. Play on Spotify | Play on Apple Podcasts. I'm listening to the latest episode while writing this. The Magnus Archives is structurally similar to Radio Rental (with a "head archivist" character similar to RR's Terry Carnation introducing each mostly-standalone spooky story), but it's 100 percent fictional and less humorous. Ghost Stories | A Rolls-Royce Podcast · 2. They bring listeners an entertaining new story each Monday. STORIES Smell Ya Later After Laura's husband gets a fatal diagnosis, he promises to contact her from beyond. The Best Horror Films To Stream on Amazon Prime This Halloween. Search within r/SpookedPodcast. Podcast Best Episodes : r/nosleepseries. Listen to 91 episodes of Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web. Episode 3:17 • Best of Season 3: Volume 2 • With Patton Oswalt, Paul F. This story comes to us from Andrea C. 15 Scariest Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural Episodes. Over 1K fans have voted on the 25 Scariest 'NoSleep Podcast' Episodes. What are your favorite podcasts you easily recommend? : r/podcasts. Jake the Snake shares Andre the Giant stories. Hunting Warhead follows the journalists and police on a global mission to expose the darkest corners of the internet. If you haven't listened already, I'd highly recommend it. The fantasy footballers when you got kids in the car. Bernie Madoff! Probably The Body Snatcher, The Saint, The Raid and The Leak. Invisible Chior is similar to S&S but with a more moderate host, they use a ton of outside audio such as interviews and interrogations. The host / creator does an excellent job at doing his due diligence and research prior to producing each episode, and it shows. We've got 4 episodes already out with more on the way. 333 - Halfway to 666! Spooked! Spooked! Join Damien Doepping, Kjartan Hewitt and Cody Crain every Monday for…. 32 3 Best Episodes of Spooked! By Rating Mark All All Episodes Search Episodes Ep. Spotify Spotlight: The Best Scary Podcasts on Spotify · 1. Just a riot from start to finish. Late to this thread, but one of my favorite stand-alone storytelling episodes, regardless of podcast, is "Lovesick" by Risk! (the comment section tends to agree). The Vergecast - podcast accompaniment to theverge. Last week, Glynn Washington, the host and co-founder of Snap Judgment, announced a big change for his spin-off program, Spooked. strange N unusual Sure, in every sNu story, you'll find recurring tropes. It’s all about making new friends in the park, so grab some picinic baskets, get some finger sandwiches, and get ready to get Spooked!. Tracy is the co-host of Bloomberg's Odd Lots podcast and was previously head of the Asia News Desk for Bloomberg News. If you’re looking for good first-person stories that will leave you with chills down your spine and waiting for dawn, this is a scary podcast for you. Ghost in the Burbs is fantastic. Each episode tackles real and imagined horrors, from the latest true crime news. Season one was the best, even this far along, it still reigns supreme. Spotify, Amazon Music, Luminary and many more providers have been snatching up successful podcasts to build their own exclusive brands. Theresa is a little draggy but ok. I made a mental note to go check it out later, but when I returned to Lunger's Row to find the ad again, it had been replaced in the recording by another ad for a meal kit company. I then created my list of the best episodes. I invested dozens of hours of my life to learn from David and listened to every podcast interview I could find. What is the scariest skinwalker story you have heard. Episode #85 - Shikamaru and Kakashi vs. It also works with Apple Watches and CarPlay. Witch Cage: A woman buys a medieval jail… and tries to make it her home. I feel like i don’t have that anymore. I’ve listened to a bunch of different spooky podcasts and this ones by far the best. I cried so hard listening to it, and just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. It has to be one of the best if not the best “scary” podcast. The Truth of the Thornton House on Nosleep is the next scariest thing that comes to mind. I just went back through the episodes to find recommendations, and there are soooo many! I may have to go back and listen from the beginning. It seems the episodes come out every year, at least for the past two years, in September leading up to Halloween. Hot New Top 39 pinned by moderators Posted by u/DruidGrove 10 months ago Spooked Wiki - Work In Progress Episode Research (I Want More Information!) 4 comments 2 Posted by u/rootsandbulb 3 days ago Episode: Burning Look Is it me, or does the storyteller in this episode sound just like Jeff Goldbloom? 2 comments 1 Posted by u/linniemnstr 20 days ago. True to form, Shane immediately starts taunting the ghosts …. Oh hell yes to Spooked, especially the episode The Iron Gate (Season 2 Episode 3). I really like Spooked, so I want to check out Snap Judgment. I also get irritated at duplicate podcasts, especially when two different podcasts play the same episode. Decoder Ring is fantastic! iFlarexXx • 5 mo. If your thinking about listening, give them a good 4-5 episodes. Horror is one of the most popular sub-genres of audio drama. I will always recommend The Blindboy Podcast. The subscription portion allowed for access to episodes a week early than non-subscribed listeners. Ghost of osfront Wrath of Kahn’s Prophets of doom Painfortainment Apache tears. I have also heard that the Luminary Spooked podcasts are not very good, but since I won't pay for a Luminary subscription (not opposed, they just don't have the content to justify the price). And Jordan is a great guy, that gives kinda a E-sport for dummys in this episode, and they have a great podcast. Minerva ( itunes, site ): 30 minute monthly episodes on major philosophical topics. There’s a huge backlog, too! He occasionally does a “best of” roundup episode, maybe check those out first and see if it fits what you’re looking for. Best Ghost Story Podcasts to Send Chills Down Your Spine">11 Best Ghost Story Podcasts to Send Chills Down Your Spine. Episodes 61 and 62 are specifically about Satanism. Any content removal or further moderator action is established. One of the best Ghost Adventures episodes crossed over with a 2020 docuseries hit. As a history and local-lore nerd, I really love learning about the social elements and cultural exploration of the phenomena in a place of the world I. He basically just talks about the neighborhood and the goings on. Hey y’all, I was really into the NoSleep Podcast back in 2014/2015, but I would listen during work, and when I was promoted to a new position, I didn’t have as much time to listen to podcasts. Whether you’re a long-time fan or looking for a starting point, let this top 20 episodes list from the original series of ‘Star Trek’ be your guide to the stars. The absolute best is a campfire tales when those women are in a hot springs and a weird guy comes up to them to get their scent and later chases them with his dog. It was so popular, it has been re-aired several times, though it …. Scariest episode? I vaguely remember one where a father and kids moved in to a new home. "Episodes are backed by original, creepy scores for musically-driven storytelling its sister podcast Snap Judgment has become known for. Spotify made headlines in 2020 when it spent nearly $200 million to acquire The Ringer and, with it, more than 30 podcast titles. Ad For more paranormal pop culture, check out our Talking Strange podcast, hosted by Aaron Sagers. Redditor clownstastegood speaks to the influence the podcast can have on a person saying, "I got sober a year or so after I started listening to the podcast. Stories from military personnel are already on a different level. I wouldn’t describe the area I was in as backwoods necessarily, but it was a wooded 100+ acre ranch. Recommended episodes: All Good Things. They do joke a bit but their conspiracy episodes are like 3-5 hours long and they really dive in deep. We have held back the darkness long enough and at long last… Spooked will be available for free on ALL podcast platforms. I forced myself through 30 minutes of the Irish Famine episode and I just couldn't handle it at all. They’ll scare you even more at night. How Stephanie Increased Her Income, Then Identified & Addressed Her Money Trauma. Spooked has moved to the Luminary network and is fee based now. ShitTown is the first podcast I've ever listened to and in the final episode I've learnt its actually real! I am obsessed with podcasts since. Which is fine but those just aren’t as scary to me. The Spooked Podcast is a collection of ghost stories. Truly a fun, fascinating and enlightening piece of audio journalism and entertainment. An episode of Jodi-Ann Burey’s Black Cancer feels like both a personal. The Jarcast is pretty weird, more structured but some of the conversations are just weird but funny. My favorite is Julia from season 1. Listeners of The Moth podcast, which episodes and stories are. Snap Judgement Presents Spooked? I also use Spotify and can see all the episodes that have been released so far. non-professional storytelling by people with something amazing to share. Kakos Industries, Oh No Ross and Carrie, Science Rules with Bill Nye, Stellar Firma, and Ologies with Alie Ward. I’ve been trying to find the photos from a few of the episodes (Polaroids with ghostly images, pictures from the iron gate, etc) but I can’t see to find them anywhere. Even though there are gimmicky things I find annoying about it, I really enjoy listening to the Spooked podcast. 25 Best Podcasts Episodes Of All Time. Someone else recommended it to me on a different post and its such a cool/weird story. Spotted: Mormons on Spooked Podcast "Skinwalker" episode?">Spotted: Mormons on Spooked Podcast "Skinwalker" episode?. Sources are cited and the host makes a point that he is a history fan and not a historian, but. Educational-Gap4125 • 20 days ago. Even though fictional horror stories are pretty scary, the scariest tales come from real-life. My family owns the property and we have family reunions every year and all stay for about 5 days. The calm delivery, the big question mark about the supernatural events in there, the slow creep that doesn't rely on any jump scares, the narrator and narration - KPH is the best horror podcast out there, hands down. Season finales and holiday specials are pretty good. I am curious to see what other episodes y’all think are the scariest!. I'm Not a Monster - Isis bride. I think you can still get the old episodes at the standard podcast locations. It ultimately says more about them than the journalists of this podcast. Spooked is made for curious and brave listeners, whether they’re true believers in the supernatural or skeptics who demand evidence of life beyond the …. ‎Snap Judgment on Apple Podcasts. you will likely enjoy this podcast as much as I do. It's a simple story that fits right into the mold of nightmare logic. Left me so creeped out I bailed on the podcast after that. But $8 a month seems pretty steep when I'd likely only be listening to Spooked or. I loved that this one had such a strong narrative arc. View community ranking In the Top 20% of largest communities on Reddit New episodes I listen to all my favorite podcasts on Spotify, but I’ve noticed they have not been uploading many episodes of Spooked lately. I’m surprised but no one has mentioned the “Let’s Read Podcast”. It’s been years since I’ve watched The Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat. While not consecutive, the episodes are all about victims of Dellen Millard. There are tons of high quality shows out there, and people post new links all the time. They can’t tell if he’s good or evil. NoSleep Podcast Best Episodes. Again, incredibly well-researched and insightful, and the host Helen Zaltzman is phenomenal. I think it's spooked but it might be radio rental, it was a story about some teenagers coming across a house and they saw people, and then there was a gap in time and they don't remember anything, they woke up next to their bikes, and the people said something along the lines of when you hear this sound it means they were nearthat's all I can kind of remember- does this sound familiar to. While I have listened to some of these and enjoyed them, there is a lot of content to sift through as a collective. Paranormal reality show Ghost Adventures is pretty polarizing in terms of believability, but the best episodes always deliver the thrills . Episodes That Define Benson and Stabler’s Partnership. Valley Podcast is a guy podcasting about his neighborhood, the rancho equistrian district in burbank california. Yes, this season has been awful, imo. Lore is a really fun one that explores the origins of urban legends and cryptid creatures, hauntings, possessions etc. I enjoy several podcasts that tell true horror stories from listeners that call/email or from Reddit posters. And any podcast on YouTube with Michael Trembley as a guest. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. It's one story over 2 1/2 or 3 hours, with tons of actors and an amazing story. Buzzsprout is good if you want features, such as detailed analytics, customizable podcast players, and easy-to-use publishing tools. All episodes about chemical / nuclear / environmental disasters are my fave! Also early one: "Horse Queen" is a great story about fraud. In terms of the horrors of humanity, look no further than “Casefiles”. If you like D&D, Not Another D&D Podcast is fantastic. I actually pay and sub to Luminary now because I love Spooked so much. The story that got me is called The Hitcher. I wish she was able to get some background on the property and maybe figure out a cause for the situation. Season 6 will debut on September 3rd and run through May 2022, and will be available only to Luminary channel subscribers on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions or to Luminary subscribers on the …. There’s also less and less of them (the producers) talking or telling the stories. Downcast is among the best podcast apps for iPhones and Macs. Check out Scared To Death from Bad Magic Productions. Some have season number, episode number and title, some have only season and episode number, some have only title, and some have "rerelease" in the title. Is basically what I'd expect from a Pineapple Street limited series. I think she was called Laura or Lauren. Spooked- "The Birds" haunted me for days. Three Spooked Girls is also pretty good they go into conspiracies, mysteries, and hauntings. That's easily one of the most frightening stories I've ever heard, and it's also incredibly . Plus their banter is usually pretty funny and makes me feel like I’m just a friend hanging out with them. Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations. I live in Tucson and was excited to see the news articled that came along with the story. 382 – Calgary Expo 2023 LIVE. If you love British eccentricity and long-form fiction podcasts, Wooden Overcoats is the perfect podcast for you as well as one of the best podcasts for road trips. This is a nice, chatty podcast, the kind of conversational show where hosts and guests act like old, dear friends—in true Italian style! In fact, that’s what the name of the podcast means: “The true Italian!”. New York City, New York, US Podcast Link Total Episodes; The Last Podcast Network: lpotl. Scary podcasts that keep you up in the dark? : r/podcasts. I already know about Snap Judgement, Mortified. S7E1 Story: Saulo knows the stories about the mischievous creatures who lurk in the forests and beaches of Oaxaca. The host grew up in a Duggar related fundamentalist cult and her dad was a pastor. Time Warp Saloon (season 1 episode 2) The basement (season 2 episode 13) The Perfect Tenant (both stories! Season 2 episode 6) The Wraith (season 2 episode 1) Sharp Tooth Boy (season 3 episode 7) Teacher’s pet (season 5 episode 3) I have a few more but can’t remember the names. It’s part social and artistic history, on the one hand, and part true crime, on the other. I personally don't listen to podcasts too much, but I think having you favourite music and podcasts in one app is pretty neat. I wish she was able to get some background on the property and maybe figure …. April audaciously faked a wipeout and ankle injury. And I’m a book lover, so I recommended Harry Potter and the Sacred Text and Myths and Legends pretty consistently too. Is there any way to auto-download Podcasts I like to my Plex server? comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment [deleted] • I just took the basic metadata that came with the podcast (creator, series, episode title, episode number) and built. " Seriously, that's the fifth one in a row. Namely, we need an ending or resolution about what happened with the nightmare teeth bag. Best Casefile episodes I've heard so far. Any good podcasts where someone is telling scary stories?. Terms & Policies Spooked is the best I’ve found. starbuckroad • It's entirely possible • 4 yr. Astonishing Legends has some good spooky series. It was old by the third episode. Spooked originally ran as a limited series throughout October on Snap Judgment, with tales of the . Follow podcasts for fun and interesting conversation. Aaron Mahnke (Host of Lore) has created two new podcasts that are both also true, one about the Salem witch trials called Unobscured, and. Anna Genovese is a New York drag club maven and bad-ass mob wife. Uncanny deep dives into stories told by the experiencer. The Rodney hicks one i forget if thats his full name but look that up its more recent. Bottoms of Turtle Island is top 5 as well. Over the course of almost two decades in financial journalism, she's built a. Love the black tapes and spooked. The Best Spooky Podcasts to Listen to This Halloween. The story is of two women who are traveling together (backpacking or bike packing) and come across a very mentally ill and dangerous man. I'm a sound designer by trade and encourage listening on headphones to get the best experience. They're all golden especially after a bong rip or 4. Is there a site which has notes/podcast summaries for…. I've been using it for episodes of the BBC Radio 4 show News Quiz mostly. They seemed great in their heyday…i used to get so excited when new episodes were released. A few I haven't seen mentioned are Criminology, True Crime All The Time, and True Crime All The Time Unsolved. My favorites (probably way more than you wanted, in rough order with my very favorites at the top - you might want to read the summaries, as some of these might have trigger warnings): Episode 128 - Deep Breath. Best spooky podcasts! I am looking for a spooky (non-standalone) podcast with a plot line. This one has all the ingredients of a great episode: interesting characters, a good story, an educational aspect, and even an original song at the end. Monsters among us, Real Ghost Stories Online, Stories with Sapphire. My advice isn't "a specific episode" because my interests are single family buy and hold. Frank Sweeney attempts to affect positive change by exploring hot-button issues in science, medicine, and healthcare. The NoSleep Podcast (Shorter Anthology Stories) The White Vault (A longer slow-burn serialized horror story) The Phenomenon (Another serialized story, based on a book) 16. Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked : NPR. I don't listen to Spooked myself, but I watch Tablestory's Nocturne which is also on podcast, and several in the Nocturne community seem to enjoy Spooked. Animals and Pets Anime Art Cars and Motor Vehicles Crafts and DIY Culture, Race, and Ethnicity Ethics and Philosophy Fashion Food and Drink History Hobbies Law Learning and Education Military Movies Music Place Podcasts and Streamers Politics Programming Reading, Writing, and Literature Religion and Spirituality Science Tabletop Games. Welcome to Nightvale is weird thoughtful and often times hilarious, but also can be kinda scary. Damien Doepping and Cody Crain host this podcast. (I tried a few other episodes but the paranoid alien chat in them was a little much for my liking so stopped. I'm looking for something paranormal if possible. But that one stands out as one of the all time creepiest stories I ever heard. One of my scariest experiences there wasn't even mentioned. The new Stanley Krippner podcast was pretty interesting. ago No, it’s presented by Snap Judgment (same host, Glynn Washington) 4 Idkwhy8154 • 1 yr. Having said that, I'm grateful to Jack that he is bringing this to the general audience like us. Radio Rental has the same format. I listened to basically all of the free episodes from the first episode until somewhat more. Picked by the community on Podyssey Podcasts. The NoSleep Podcast is a horror podcast that features some of the best scary stories from Reddit's NoSleep community narrated in an audiobook style. 1) Lost In Time Stories: "Time Warp Saloon" - The neon sign blinks at the roadhouse bar. That era is where you will (IMHO) find the best. If you're looking to try the true crime podcast Casefile and don't know which episodes may be good, or if you already listen to it and are looking for mood good episodes, here are some of the best ones IMO. This is my favorite podcast but I just listened to the episode from today (10/6) and the intro music changed!! I am very sad I hope the original spooked song . I'm going to be taking a vacation later, in October, and wanted to share the goodness of the NoSleep podcast with my wife and mother-in-law during the drive. Disturbing or scary stories and each episode is over an hour long. It's fiction based on the works of HP Lovecraft, but it's played like a true crime podcast stumbles across Lovecraftian horrors. 6M subscribers in the podcasts community. 1080 – First David Goggins episode. Dedicated to the podcast Snap Judgement Presents: Spooked hosted by Glynn…. curlyconspiracies Podcast Producer • 3 yr. Every episode is a collection of short stories told by different voice actors. That said, it’s really the quality of the storytelling that sets Knifepoint Horror apart. The acclaimed podcast exploring the unexplained through real-life supernatural tales will release new episodes and archival favorites on a weekly basis beginning Friday, April 7 April 5, 2023––In partnership with public media organizations KQED and PRX, “Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked,” the acclaimed podcast …. You have to hit all of the old Duncan Trussell podcasts. When October rolls around, I'm on the hunt for new horror movies, ghost stories & spooky things. I've fallen off more than one horror podcast because it descends into melodrama about the host. Spooked Podcast - On the edge of Ireland in the deep forest, a young boy makes a new friend that no one in town has seen for years. They cover everything from the paranormal to serial killers and they don’t leave out any gruesome details. episodes : r/SpookedPodcast. I can't remember all the details but it was one of only one that gave me chills. The content is free anyways most of the time through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, etc. I'm a long time listener, but with over 500 episodes, it's hard to remember which ones were which. My suggestion is to listen to …. Produced by Anne Ford, original score by Daniel Riera Brick and Mortal Rhea is excited to visit her mom and dad, who have just bought a brand-new cabin in the woods. Erin feels the pressure to put on a spectacular, spooky Halloween party and Robert California brings his son to work who seems to have an incredible power over Dwight. Few podcasts are more reliably creepy than Spooked, the spinoff podcast from the fine. The best way to see which ones are exclusive to Luminary is to open Spooked in iTunes and compare the library. Single scariest episode of a podcast?. I think he looks in the window from. In the thick of the campaign trail, Toby. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, the five-year-old show has gained a cult following for its stories about the internet and life online. That’s how I’ve been listening, and it goes all the way back to the very first episode of season 1. This family-friendly gem—a public radio podcast that features ghouls, monsters and the like—is recommended for tweenager audiences. If you like Old Time Radio, "The Thing on the Fourbleboard" is a classic that made me shriek out loud. I’ll listen to them all eventually, but I want to jump in with some exciting ones! I’ve listened to the first 7 seasons. Most spooky audio dramas are pretty bad unfortunately. A New Normal - about Syrian refugees, each of 5 or 6 episodes about a different person, usually at the beginning of their journey, and then a year later. Edit: Thank you guys for all those replies! A few points that are often mentioned: Spotify podcast controls could use some improvements. I though Spooked was only listenable via a Luminary subscription. Vote Bartlet: The 10 best episodes of The West Wing. It's a subject he's very passionate about and is a big advocate for improved mental health services in Ireland. 304: Conan is trapped in an elevator with officer Takagi and Conan has to disarm the bomb himself. Although they both have that "sarcastic squeaky door" voice, so it is kind of tiring to binge on, at least for me. It seems like a lot of horror podcasts rely on sudden loud noises, and this one doesn't have any. And you can also use that as an introduction to the Snap Judgment podcast, which is where Spooked originated. It's all about keeping your pants up, so get your finest genuine leather, grab some big fancy buckles, and get ready to ge. 1: The voice performances for this story alone should put it in the “all timer” conversation, but The Stump is fantastic on a …. The Pope’s Exorcist LIVE! How Did This Get Made?. Also, Luminary is no longer posting new episodes of Spooked. The Clearing is a spotify exclusive, about someone trying to see if their father was a serial killer. Recently got into these and am very curious …. Dedicated to the podcast Snap Judgement Presents: Spooked hosted by Glynn Washington. They play Call of Cthulhu, and it's one of the best actual play podcasts I ever heard. I'm trying to find information on a local hotel that was once called Pinky's Place sometime in the 1920s and 30s and apparently served as a meeting place for gangsters at the time. It is for discussions centered around agreements, disagreements, and observations about other people, whether specifically or collectively, within the Mormon/Exmormon community. The husband from Texas tells her he’s an amateur gynecologist. Hey guys! I recently got into Stuff You Should Know but there are so many episodes! I only get to listen to 30-60 minutes a…. Spooked is a spinoff of WNYC's excellent Snap Judgment podcast, which brings listeners firsthand accounts of remarkable true stories. I’m currently re-listening to every episode, while binging the new ones. ‘Star Trek’: 20 Greatest Episodes from the Original Series. Down City (S4) - one of the owners was delusional and hot-tempered. What are the best DnD podcasts? : r/podcasts. I’d suggest A Beautiful Mindfuck, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast and The …. now the spooked sounds like a confused episode of snap Judgment. 20 Hours in America (season four, episodes one and two) President Bartlet consults campaign expert Bruno Gianelli, played by Ron Silver. The Moonlit Road · The NoSleep Podcast · The Magnus Archives · Anything Ghost · Jim Harold's Campfire · Spooked · Mysterious Universe. I love when people tell their own true creepy stories so I dig “Radio Rental” and “Spooked!” Specifically for “Spooked!” I’d recommend season 2, episode 8: “Something in the Walls”. The one with super best friends play. Dateline (altho not strictly a podcast) is just objectively the best. Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 441: Virtual Walkers. Let's be honest sometimes Dan and Jordan don't have the best ones when they have to go over Alex who just seems to be phoning it in for the day. Spooked was previously only available by subscription; get Seasons 4-7 ad-free only on Luminary. Podcasts are such an intimate medium, and this is one of the shows that best capitalizes on that inherent closeness. It's storytelling with a BEAT 🔊. Or where the host speaks with an even tone about something factual, like Hardcore History of the British History Podcast. Both podcasts have hosts that introduce the stories. Deadlift_007 • We live in strange times • 7 mo. Podcasts are 3 stories of different genres. The Best Scary Podcasts on Spotify. I really think you’ll enjoy it. Here are my 10 favourites: A scene from the Duck Cake episode of Bluey. Yes, all of the above! Different styles of podcasts for different things. Texas Crime Files: Season 1 - released 2 November 2019 - The Texas Crime Files podcast series examines the case of a man who may have been wrongly convicted and sentenced to die for the murder of a 19-year-old woman in a small Texas town. Adapted to various formats, the podcast has received critical acclaim since its release and has been widely ranked among the best horror podcasts of all time. The Birds: As a little boy in Richmond Virginia, raising pigeons, Ray Christian made a friend with the same hobby. The episode of casefile where the real estate agent is stabbed to death in the house she was going to show off. To listen to all #Spooked episodes as they’re released, subscribe to Luminary directly, or to the Luminary Channel on Apple Podcasts. Two Girls One Ghost (mainly talk about famous cases but also read personal stories from there email and have a “campfire” show where fans come on and tell their stories live) Monsters Among Us. Let's Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast. com If you're looking for the kind of internet/creepypasta/urban legend stories that make you feel like you're sitting around a campfire, then you want. That is a good summary of seasons 1-3. meezy-yall Monkey in Space • 4 yr. In searching for a good software engineering podcast to listen to, I’ve come across many solid suggestions like Software Engineering Daily, Software Engineering Radio, Soft Skills Engineering, Changelog, Stack Overflow Podcast, etc. Leading Ladies Of The Paranormal Quiz. Unfathomable 😥 This podcast as a whole is one of the best I've found. Episode 16 about Stephen McDaniel stalking and eventual murder of a co-ed crush. So give it a listen and thanks to whoever recommended it to me. SPOOKED podcast is back! : r/halloween. The 10 Best Swindled Podcast Episodes. "The Seance" – When friends get together for a little fun, things get real, fast. Completely different format than Spooked, but the Black Eyed Kids series I found especially creepy. There is nothing else in horror like that one. 11 Best Ghost Story Podcasts to Send Chills Down Your Spine. TMA is great for the first two seasons, I think once you hit the third season some/a lot of people stop. Looking for a podcast that’s laugh out loud funny : r/podcasts. The Hyacinth Disaster - space horror. StealMyPants • 25/Spooky Scary Skeleton/US • 9 yr. Sword and Scale ( true crime) Spooked (“true” ghost stories) Young Charlie (true crime) Creepy (if you like creepy pastas) Up and vanished (true crime- very cool bc the podcast actually influenced the murder investigation) Let us know what you find too. Nic Ryan hosts the “Paranormal Mysteries Podcast,” a weekly podcast about phenomena and the unexplained. ive looked on the website, Twitter and now Facebook. It comes up in a lot of episodes and they're really good about tagging it in the descriptions. I've recently been enjoying the Scary Stories compilations from the podcast RISK! You'd have to find the episodes individually and queue them up or make …. MrArmageddon12 • Monkey in Space • 3 yr. What is the scariest skinwalker story you have heard or read about? Personally, the skinwalker episode on the Podcast Spooked really scared me and the production was great. Hearing about "people" and their struggles in the news is so distant.